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Sahalé comes from the word « Sahale », a mountain of North America, which means « in the clouds ». The Parisian music producer is deeply inspired by all kinds of world music as long as it provides a strong sensibility and a powerful meaning. He is in perpetual motion to discover new countries, new customs and habits, and of course new sonorities, instruments and vocals. To fulfill his appetite to learn and discover, Sahalé loves to fully immerge himself on a new long journey (never less than 4 months) during which he get lost in places he doesn’t know, meet people and ethnies, get into discovering how they live, what they eat and how they cook it, and of course always seeking for their local artists and celebrations, to discover new music instruments, positive vibrations, and ways of making music.

Sahalé goals are to bring everything he loves during those journeys inside his music projects. This can be a new instrument, a simple note, or a deep ethnic vocal, and cumulate all this to create an intense and warm  live show. He definitely wants people listening to his music to understand the power of the sensations he felt while traveling. 

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