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Bérou is a bundle of energy that blends the euphoria of modern Trance with the 90’s Rave culture. She cultivates an eclectic universe which gravitates around Hard House and various spectrums of Trance, ranging from vibrant and rhythmic sounds like Hard Groove and Eurodance, spiced up with Latin, Drill, and Break influences.

Sparkling, effervescent and spontaneous, armed with a transgenerational vinyl collection honoring the 90s, equally comfortable during peak time or closing sets, her infectious good mood transcends her audience, turning each of her performances into a captivating adventure that crosses time, genres, and cultures.

Bérou has crafted an original and daring musical identity, enriched by diverse cultures and influences after spending several years in Spain, England, and Brazil. She has taken the Paris club scene by storm with her energetic DJ sets and quickly built-up a solid reputation with a residency at Nouveau Casino, before also becoming an active member of the collectives Apéro Notturno and Bae Party.

In a blink of an eye, Bérou has established herself on the music scene, appearing in iconic clubs and festivals in the Paris region such as Rex Club, Virage, Nouveau Casino, Badaboum, Mazette, as well as Marvellous Island and Madame Loyal Festivals. She has also graced the airwaves and streams, with performances on Radio Nova, Rinse France, Mia Mao, and Clubbing TV. Each apparition is an explosion of energy and talent. She regularly shares the stage with the biggest names of the French and international electronic music scene, thus affirming her place at the heart of electronic music. The best is yet to come.

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